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Eventerim, event- and congresmanagement is happy to give substance to one or more of the following internal responsibilities:

Development of concepts
Based on your 'problem' or need we will focus on the message that needs to be communicated, to the emotion or experience that your audience has to be released and how we creatively and/or functionally can shape. We will focus on attracting the right audience, the communicative impact of the proposed event and the desired business objective.

We maintain the internal and external contacts for planning and organizing your event, meeting or conference. We conclude contracts and guide you to the appropriate business dealings. We can also provide advice on cooperation with relevant and professional suppliers.

We execute on behalf of your organization's management on the project. Key point is to monitor the achievement of the emotional- or commercial purpose and/or the predetermined communicationstrategy. We are used to produce big logistic processes, with a lot of direct and indirect stakeholders. We are able to communicate on both management- or productionlevel. Off course we will put in all our experience, knowledge, skills and professional network to achieve your goals.  

Will soon leave one of your experienced colleagues and do you need temporary eventsupport? Is there under capacity or are you looking for a temporary successor? Or may be you like somebody who will take total  responsability about one or more project(s)...? If so, please contact Michiel. Your independent partner in Event Business!