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Destination manager Amsterdam region (DMC)

Event management organization Eventerim is also happy to assist you in its role of Destination Manager (DMC); searching for the best available venue's and planning and organising a succesfull and memorable, receipt, meeting or event. 

Based on 20 years of experience in the national and regional meeting and event market, we prepare the arrival of you and your guests to perfection. The event team involved is known for its effective and punctual approach, warm communication, unique creative concepts and flawless logistical and production preparation and implementation of an event. Above all, they just have fun in their work.

Michiel Smilde (owner of Eventerim) is as destination manager (DMC) responsible for the backoffice of Convention Bureau Event Park Amsterdam, a 'one stop shop' with an extensive range of hotels, event locations and suppliers in the Haarlemmermeer event municipality. Together with his professional partners he would be delighted to help you with the realization of your unique, surprising and unforgettable event in the countryside of Amsterdam. Success guaranteed!

More to know about our event agency.

Convention bureau Event Park Amsterdam

The Convention bureau is a joint initiative of the congress and events industry in Haarlemmermeer and focuses on recruiting and facilitating (inter) national congresses, meetings and events in this municipality. The agency advises and assists prospects in their search for one or more suitable hotels, event locations and / or suppliers located in the municipality and, if desired, supports this in the first phase of planning and organization.

An important sub-goal is to position Haarlemmermeer (including Schiphol), as 'the Greenest Suburb of Amsterdam' with its infinite possibilities, in line with existing policy and initiatives as the most optimal destination for hosting a variety of one-day or multi-day conferences, meetings or events.

The countryside of Amsterdam: Available | Affordable | Accessible
At a maximum of 20 minutes from the large surrounding city centers (Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden), surrounded by greenery and very easily accessible, Haarlemmermeer offers a very interesting alternative for the often much busier and more expensive large cities.

In addition to the fact that Haarlemmermeer offers a wonderful base for visiting the surrounding historic cities, there is much more to experience, both for the (inter) national Leisure guest and for the business visitor. Haarlemmermeer is directly adjacent to Amsterdam, but is a strong independent green, spacious and easily accessible municipality. A wonderful place to play sports, to relax or to dream away at one of the many richly overgrown water sides.

The region also has a very varied range of beautiful modern and professional conference and event facilities for the organization of various public events and business meetings. In addition, 33 international hotels (8.000 beds) have now been established within the region, and that will only increase in the coming years. Equipped with every comfort, something for everyone!

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